melody55's Journal


So you really want to know about me, huh? Well that's interesting...should I be worried? ^_~ I just love these things, about myself...well what if I don't want to talk about myself, do you really think I'm that interesting...well I guess I can enlighten you.

So let's start: As of right now, I'm 18 1/2 but obviously that will change and most likely change far before I ever get up to correcting this update. I am assuming that you've that you've figured out by now that I'm female...or at least I hope you have, becuase if you haven't...I'd be worried.

Annoying you yet? Angered that I'm being obnoxious? Feeling my pain of doing this annoying thing yet? ^_^ Hope so...becuase if I have to do it, then you're suffering as well! XD Love me yet?

On to my interests: What AM I interested in? Good question, you sure you want to know? Well here it goes, you asked for it. Worried??

I love sci-fi, like seriously love it. My favorite shows have to be Stargate and Doctor Who, which are of course both sci-fi shows...now here's the big question, what else do they have in common? SPACE! That's right, they both have to do with space travel, well here's another interest! Great now we have two!

Then of course there's anime and manga, which I'm sure your rolling your eyes right now and saying to yourself, 'Great another fangirl...just what I need.' HAHA, well to bad for you...be grateful I'm not crazied. I just enjoy it, and I get my helping of culture and sometimes history when I watch/read it.

Which thus continues us onto another interest. Cutlture and history, specifically Asian culture and history, and let's just add in language as well. Hopefully that's what I'm going to major in at my wonderfully cold, freezing, and fridgd college. Lucky me, if you don't here from me I probably froze to death...seriously.

One more, I promise, I'm sure you're getting sick and tired of this as much as I am, so here's my final interest...well interests...Media and computers. I love them, which is probably why I have a specialize laptop for media. ^_^ Pretty much says it all, huh.

Now that we've covered my interests lets go onto what I seriously suck at: Spelling, cordination, and well...did I metion spelling? I'm sure when you were reading this you were ready to pull out your hair from all the spelling errors...want to know what I say to that?? Have fun pulling out your hair, 'cuz I'm not changing...grammer's bad too. Deal with it.

There you have it. What you need to know about me. Enjoy.

Who I'd like to meet? A bunch of people whose names I have no help of pronouncing right nor spelling correctly. Use your imagination, seriously.

Foreign would be my favourite, I hardly ever listen to American music. Surprising? Well just accept it and you'll begin to like me. Here's my current list:

Ayumi Hamasaki

Megumi Hayashibara

Morning Musume


Kajiura Yuki

Koda Kumi


Within Temptation

Leaves' Eyes

Rammstein (probably spelled that wrong...>_<;;)

And a bunch or really random songs from everywhere and anywhere. ^_^


Do you really feel the need to have me list ALL the movies I love, seriously...that would take WAY too much energy and effort. For right now, put together action and sci-fi and you'll get the movies I love and think of just action for the movies that I enjoy...I'll leave it as that.

Other than anime, what do I like to watch?

Stargate. SG-1 and Atlantis. Love them both. To. Death.

Then there's Doctor Who, which is yes, a British show. Big surprise there, huh??

Painkiller Jane. Great show.

Eureka, which is actually a great show despite the extremely annoying intro.

And what do all of these have in common?? Huh?? Huh?? Huh??
THEY'RE ALL SCI-FI! ^_^ I'm a nerd, I know.


. . . I hate my country. . . I hate our political figures. . . I want to move out of the country due to those political figures. . .

Movie people annoy me, they're idiotic and get WAY to much money than they need. Same with sports players. Yes, I know. People will hate me for this opinion.

Heros? What heroes?

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